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Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
each day has to offer. first we will start with the cold. 32 in washington. 32 leonardtown. north and west 20s in manassas. 27 in frederick. 27 in winchester. plenty of cold air across the area. that will be a factor in the forecast particularly north and west as things will be slow to warm up. clouds to start your day. maybe a break early but i think for the most part nice and cloudy. you can see the beginnings of our next storminess off to the south and west. it's coming up in the form of rain. what will be happening, let me mention this system is not terribly organized. it doesn't have a lot of moisture. it's pushing to the washington area. an area of low pressure will move to the west. we will be in the warm sector. things will gradually warm up in the upper 30s to 40. that will warm up to rain showers this afternoon. off to the west and north you will be slower to warm up. you can see a mix. by mix i mean probably a few snowflakes, maybe sleet mixing in as the whole thing moves through. a fast mover, it will start at 1:00, 2:00 and out of here by 8:00 or 9:00. the farther eas
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
lot in washington to start causing somics. the good news is the timing is pretty good. lots of sunshine -- not a lot of sunshine. some sunshine, high temperatures about 42 degrees. >> all right. we'll take it. >> time now to check in with jeff newman to see how things are moving along on the roads. >> good morning. it is docile and mellow and soporific. i'll pull out my thesaurus and see what other words i can give you. heading over to the wilson bridge from alexandria around the outer loop into prince george's county, no problems to report. again, not expecting a very busy rush hour this morning into prince george's county. same situation as you head around towards landover and to the top side of the play. heading down from gaithersburg and rockville down to the split, your travel lanes are open. in bethesda, traveling southbound on wisconsin avenue o355 just before cedar lane, you are reduced to one lane. your right lane gets by as the crews are working on the water main break and that will last reportedly well into this morning's rush hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on-ti
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
storminess today. highs today, mid-40s in washington. we'll go 45 degrees. 44 in leonardtown. a little colder there north and west. it will be in the 30s if you get up in the mountains north and west. it should be dry for you and it will be dry if you are going to be going out. >> okay. at least we have that. >> we've got a lot more than that. we have got the redskins. >> yeah. >> we're burying the lead here. we shouldn't be doing weather at all. >> let's check in on the traffic. >> we are starting off unfortunately with a very serious crash investigation. this is on 28 northbound. this is just past lee highway towards 66. again, you will find three lanes closed. stay to the left to get by this investigation again. this involved a vehicle fire that -- a car that hit ate tractor-trailer. so again, a very serious crash right now on sully road northbound as you approach 66. otherwise, we are looking good on i-270 without any problems or delays as you come down from frederick past father hurley boulevard towards the beltway. you will find travel lanes moving welling and up to speed. lookin
Dec 6, 2012 5:00am EST
now legal in the state of washington and as of midnight last night, same- sex couples were able to get wedding licenses. governor chris gregoire signed the law yesterday and man lined up outside an administering in seattle. >>> it is probably a safe bet this doesn't happen very often. 911 dispatchers in texas got acall for help from a burglary suspect. christopher moore is accused of breaking into a home early tuesday morning. james garel and his wife and two kids were asleep but he woke up, grabbed his pistol appear cornered a man outside. he order him to drop his keys. moore then jumped into his truck and called 911. >> to be honest with you, at this point, i'mening this dude is not all there. >> officers arrived just minutes after. they arrested the suspect. he is facing burglary charges. the home owner is not being charged. >> my fear is that it was outside. i think there is some law about that. you got to be inside the house or something. >> but he didn't do anything to him, i don't think. >> no, he didn't. >> this is a good thing. no drama there. >>> the cost of driving on to
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
for washington wizards fans, when will john wall return to the line-up? coming up next, could he miss the entire season? >> plus, redskin with a good problem to have. two good quarterbacks. which one will play sunday? dave ross is next with sports.  >>> time now to talk to dave ross about sports. >> good morning. >> wing anterior doing better than they're doing up in new york. what wear figuring out if, if you have two quarterbacks, it is a good problem to v it is a good problem to have that the redskin have this week. we are talking about kirk cuss ipse who came out on sunday. i guess sensational might be strong but he was really good. this is the big connection to leonard hankerson. 32 # yards. that is the second most of any redskin rookie in the history of the redskins. the most by any redskins quarterback since rex grossman did it back in 2010. so we kind of hinted around it yesterday. do you let him go one more week and rest rg iii another week as you get ready for the eagles. here what is the head coach had to say about it. >> we're going to play robert when he is 100%. when th
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am EST
of george washington university after police say there was an attempted sexual assault on campus and a series of burglaries. the attack happened in rice haul on tuesday. the burglary took place in the ivory tower dorm yesterday afternoon. the campus has beefed up security near those areas. they have released surveillance photos of two suspects accused of stealing cell phones and laptops from the dorm rooms. >>> a man who worked at the maryland school for the deaf in columbia maryland is facing charges of child sex abuse. investigators say clarence taylor worked as a dorm aide when students slept at the school overnight. he is accused of inappropriately touching three girls. the allegeeled incidents happened between 2008 and 2012 when the victims were just 10, 11 and 12 years old. howard county police are concerned there may be other victims. they want to hear from anyone else who may have been assaulted. >>> some relief could soon be on its way for people living in two northwest d.c. neighborhoods prone to flooding. >> work on a major new infrastructure project in the bloomingdale an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6